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 Licence Type: Comercial
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Our idea is to keep things as simple as is possible. You have a nice looking Classifieds and also this software is compatible with all browsers.

MyBizz Classifieds supports PayPal as a credit card online payment system. Also MyBizz Classifieds has support for free ads and check payment. Pending mode is also supported, so you can choose from administrator configuration panel to activate pending ad mode. In that mode a free or check paid ad is not listed until an administrator verifies the ad.

MyBizz Classifieds was designed in a professional way: to look simple but nice, to be easy to use separate or to easily integrate into your website. The only requirements are PHP and MySQL.

For more details see MyBizz Classifieds Website.

For ideas how you could create a business using this classifieds script please click HERE(Tutorial Section)
MyBizz Classifieds Script PHP