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The Internet has a great potential. Your Internet business is available 24 hours from 24, 7 days a week. You do not need to hire people, you do not need to rent a space for your business. The expenses are lower than creating a non-virtual business.

Usualy most of succesfull business start small. It is a concept that first million of dollars is hardest to be made. There are a lot of examples of successfull internet bussiness that started small, some of them after a talk at a restaurant, an ideea, that was ireal. Other businesses was started as a school project. Starting an Internet Business is a easy way to earn money, and sometimes to build a multi million dolar company.

If you fix your target high you will achieve a lot. And if you fail to build a multi million dolar company still will have lot of money.

Why to start an Internet business:
- you do not need to hire people;
- you do not need to rent a room for your business, you will do business from home;
- you do not need to quit your job;
- expenses for starting an Internet business are lower than in any other cases;
- your business is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
- you are selling not to a particular area, for example a city, but you are open to the whole world.

Also other things must be mentioned:
- if you are selling over Internet services and not goods, then you do not ship anything, you only sell options, ad space, traffic, so, you will invest only time and a small amount of money and get a lot of money.

But I know that you saw all of this potential. Many Internet Businesses are started every day in US and over the world, and many of them fail to succeed. There is not all good, as in any business you might have a bad luck, or, fail to succed, the advantage is that because you do not need to invest a lot of money in case of failure you won't loose much.

So how can you make money on the Internet? If you search on a search engine (eg. Google) for the words "create an internet business" or for similar expresions you will find a lot of articles, telling you what to do, to earn money. Do not trust, do not belive that articles. More than 80% of that articles are made to advertise something, they will tell you tips for earning money but to start earning you will have to pay. So you became a customer, not a business man.

So please keep in mind that real money, real business is not made on the Internet by clicking on some websites, reading emails and other methods recommended by a lot of poor quality websites.

Real business on the Internet can be start by:
- Creating webiste with classifieds ads;
- Creating news websites, to gain traffic so companies would want to advertise there;
- A lot of money can be made by creating online dating websites, with free and payd ads.
- Creating websites with auctions (like Ebay);

This are just some idea, but there are a lot of more.
For starting an Internet business you must decide what you will do and then, buy an domain name for your web business. That domain name must be easy to remember, and must be about your business. Also you will need a hosting space, for your website. Both domain name and webhost space can be purchased from a hosting company.

Please see the Howto 1: How to choose a hosting company for informations about choosing a hosting company.

If you decide to create a classifieds ads website you will also need a script (program) that will be installed on your host. This program will be the engine of your website, the engine of your business. You can find nice script for building a classified ads at, also if you want to build an auto/cars classified ads you can use the script from

For other businesses you will need the script that will do what you need.

You can build an internet business in a day, after that the next step will be advertising your business. Also you will check every day a traffic statistics program (every hosting company offers for free a traffic statistics program) to see the traffic to your website.

For tips in choosing a hosting company please click here.