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Hosting advices for your websites PDF  
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About installing the script on your server:
We do not recommend you installing the script on your own server because of the following reasons:
- until you get a lot of traffic the cost of running a computer only for that purpose is not feasable;
- now with 10-15$ / month you can get a hosting account at a major hosting company, which is cheaper than keeping the server at home/office (because of power consumption). Also hosting companies have a better high availability because they use Data Centers, with unintreruptible
power supplies and Diesel engine powered UPS in case of power failure. Also hosting companies have peering with major ISP providers, so even if nobody guarantees you 100% uptime, they guarantee you 99.9% uptime.

This advices are good for start until you reach 5000-10000 visitors/day for your website. If you reach this value, then is better to use a dedicated server for your website. Then, you have two choices: to install a dedicated server in a datacenter at a hosting company (prices ranges from 70 to more than 200$/month), which gives you server resources only for your website/s (instead of a shared resources hosting plan) and gives you good uptime because of conditions and internet performance within datacenter, and the second choice is to host the website on your home/office computer.

Hosting the website (and other pages) with your own computer at home/office is possible if:
- you have a fixed public ip
- your internet connection works well, without any blackout

As I said earyer is better to start with a hosting company plan (10-15$ / month).
As your business grows and you reach 5000-10000 clients, you can then to choose a dedicated server in a hosting company or to host your webpages at your home/office.

There are also other advantages when hosting at a company, you have access to a Web based panel, to configure your domains, emails, ftp server, mysql database.

If you want to host at home you will need to install linux (windows is not recommended for hosting because is not so secure/stable - windows is good for desktop but for servers is unsecure if not patched and expensive to maintain). Linux is free. After installing Linux you must also install apache web server, mysql database, php support. Also if you want web based configuration tools for linux there are some: Plesk and Cpanel but are not free, and also are not cheap.

If you have more than 20000-30000 visitors/day then it might be not enought your server for the script then you will need 2 ore more servers (load balancing) but if you reach this value you will earn a lot of money then will not be a problem to implement such network/servers design.